Beyond the Five Senses

We are usually taught that humans have five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  Scientists now name over twenty different senses, among them thermoception (ability to feel hot and cold), which is considered to be different from the sense of touch, nociception (in simple language, pain), proprioception and equilibrioception – the ability to feel where our body parts are and a sense of balance, body movements, and gravity (police tests these to find out if you are under influence of alcohol), magnetoception – ability to sense magnetic field of the Earth (highly developed in birds and very weak in humans) and others.

However, there may be more than the eyes can see – literally.  If we close our eyes, we can imagine pictures and hear sounds, we can even smell, taste and touch things, if we have a vivid imagination.  These are particularly strong when we dream – so strong, we often mistaken them for reality, and only recognise them as dream after we wake up.  How do we see those images and hear those sounds inside our heads?  Not with our physical eyes and ears.  It’s happening within our mind somewhere.  We could say that we also have inner duplicates of our physical senses – at least, sight and hearing, for most people – which help us perceive our internal world.

We tend to dismiss these internal senses and our internal world in general as something that is only a product of our imagination.  But what if there is more to it?  What if those inner senses are capable of perceiving information about the Universe in ways that normal sense can’t?  Perhaps, they just require special training, like physical muscles?

In fact, the whole system of training for Extra Sensory Perception is just that – training our ability to discern what we “produce” – our imagination and creativity – from what we “perceive” – information coming from somewhere else.  That’s pretty much it!  If you want to develop your psychic skills, the most important thing you need to learn is to separate your own images from the information that flows in.

One of the most fundamental methods for this, and the basis for any further spiritual and psychic work is the ability to quiet our minds through meditation.  If you want to develop your psychic skills, you need to learn to stop creating things inside – mental chatter, words, images, thoughts, ideas, emotions etc.  You need to learn to quiet your mind and – listen.  Voila!

With time and practice you will also begin to discern what source the specific internal information is coming from (yes, there is more than one), how accurate and useful it is, what different symbols mean, and how to act on it.

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