How to See Your Own Aura

There are two great methods for viewing your own Aura. First one is to use a mirror. The technique is very similar to what I described in a different post (see How to see Aura), but with slight modifications.

  1. Viewing own Aura: Mirror technique

This time you are the observer and the object of observation. So stand approx. 1 meter (3 ft) in front of a light background. The background should be monochromatic and preferably light-color. White or light beige is ideal. For best result the room should have a natural light, as electric light can distort perceptions. Place a large mirror approx. 2 meters (6-7 ft) in front of you (see pic). It should be large enough for you to be able to see your head and shoulders, but it would be best if you could see your whole body. It is best if your clothes would be monochromatic, as well, because bright colors or various prints and shapes on the clothes can be very distracting.

Choose a point on the background behind yourself that you can see in the mirror. It could be a point located between your head and one of your shoulders. Look in the mirror at the point on the background you selected. Do not move or blink, stare for approx. 15-20 min, and while you’re focused on that point, use your peripheral vision to observe anything around your head and shoulders. It could be colorless or grey, bluish, yellowish light. With practice, you will learn to see it more clearly and with different colors.

  1. Viewing own Aura: Hands technique

Another technique for viewing your own aura is using your hands. This can be practiced when you go to bed (or at any time when you can arrange for total darkness in the room). Darken the room well to allow as little light as possible. No light is best. Stretch your arm in front of you, raise your palm vertically and spread apart all your fingers. Try not to strain your hand and fingers, relax them while keeping fingers opened and spread. You can rest your arm on a pillow or some other support. Now look into the darkness behind your hand, as if you’re looking through your hand. Don’t move and try not to blink. After awhile (15-20 min for some and 1-1.5 hours for others) you should be able to start seeing some weak light surrounding your hand. It may not work from the first attempt. Keep practicing. For practicing during the day you can use a bathroom. If there are no windows and you close the door, it should be pretty dark in there.

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