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This is a place of resources and support for solitary mystics, mages and other practitioners of esoteric and occult crafts.

About the Founder

My spiritual name is Tariella.

I’ve been on the spiritual path for nearly 30 years.  This avatar photo is very old! 🙂

I was raised an atheist, but the questions of the meaning of life and “is this all there is?” haunted me throughout my childhood and teens, into adulthood.

In my early twenties I became a Buddhist, and continued to explore various spiritual paths.  Although my worldview and beliefs are fundamentally rooted in Buddhism, on my journey I borrow heavily from pagan and shamanic traditions.

My current practice is a combination of Vajrayana/Dzogchen from Tibetan Buddhism and various forms of occult and esoteric rituals and mystic practices from a number of different traditions.  I practice what makes the most sense depending on where I am on my journey.  My favourite areas to explore are Six Yogas of Naropa, Astral Projection, Tarot and how to live a truly spiritual lifestyle without hiding in a cave.

I’m not a guru.  I’m a solitary practitioner crafting my own path.

If you find the resources on this website useful, you’re welcome to stay.

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