Is it all in our mind?  Whether or not the answers you’re getting in this exercise actually come externally from some Higher Powers, or they come from within yourself, i.e. your Subconscious Mind – you can choose to believe whatever agrees with your reason.  I try to remain practical – if it works, let’s use it.  Does it work?  Only your own personal experience will show.

Akashic records are the memory field of the Universe.  It’s an energy imprint of every thought, action, event, experience or emotion.  Everything around us is energy and everything carries information.  Ability to tune into that information and read off people, objects or simply space is one of the most important psychic abilities.  Here is one simple way of doing it:

  1. Sitting down.  Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.  Close your eyes, take several deep breaths, relax physically, try to let go of your thoughts and worries.  You can use Mental Clearing exercise or any other relaxation and/or meditation exercise that helps you clear your help from unnecessary thoughts and concentrate deeply.
  2. Evoking your Guide.  If you have a spiritual guide (Buddha, Jesus, any saint or any spiritual figure you feel strongly associated with), visualize them in front of you, smiling, ready to help and support you on your spiritual journey.  If you don’t have a guide, you can go directly to step 3.
  3. Sphere of Light.  Visualize your Guide holding a Sphere of Light in their hands (if you don’t have a Guide, just create an image of a Sphere of Light).  You know that this Light is the centre of the Universe, the Cosmic Consciousness, God, Absolute, Source (or any other name you may associate with the Ultimate).  It contains everything you need – now or ever, it is the Source of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Freedom, Strength, Courage, and Joy.  And it’s always available to you.
  4. Beam of Blue Light.  From the Sphere picture a beam of bright blue light coming down entering your head at the crown and into the centre to what is known as the Third Eye (pineal gland area).
  5. Psychic Monitor.  From the Third Eye in the centre of your head the beam of light now changes direction (as if it’s reflected in the mirror at your third eye level) and goes through the point between your eye brows on your forehead and further out, about 50 cm in front of you, expanding to create a monitor.  You may want to read the Psychic Monitor exercise to better understand this step.
  6. Affirmation.  Mentally say to yourself: “This beam of light is connecting me to the Akashic records of the Universe and projects truthful and factual information in response to my questions.”
  7. Questions and Answers.  Now ask a question that you need an answer to.  Be as specific as possible.  Start with something that would be easy to verify.  Watch patiently for what comes up.  Be relaxed and passive, don’t try to create the answer yourself.
  8. Exiting.  Thank the Light and your Guide for their help and mentally disconnect (or you can stay connected and try going about your day with a changed perspective on things – see what happens.)

Note: If you try to constantly keep in mind the image of your Guide, the Sphere, the Beam of Light and the Monitor, the visualization will become more complex than it needs to be.  So, as you progress from one stage to another, you can let go of the image from the previous step – e.g. when you visualize the sphere, just focus on that, and let go of the image of your Spiritual Guide, and when you visualize the Monitor, let go of the image of the Beam of Light, and just focus on the Monitor, otherwise you can get confused.  Just know that the information is coming from the Universal Consciousness and your Spiritual Guide is always there to help you with making sense of it.

Like anything else, this takes practice, of course.  The more regularly you do this exercise, the better your Subconscious Mind begins to understand what it requested of it, the more efficient it becomes at coming up with precise clear answers.

If you have any experiences or questions, please share.

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